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    Updated On: Dec 12, 2017


    1.  How much are monthly Union dues?

    • Union dues are at this time are $50.00 per quarter.  
    • Plus, initiation fee of $25.00
    • or a discounted rate for the year plus initiation fee of $125.00

    2.   Will my card get charge automatically again next quarter?

    • No. Your card is charged the one-time fee, which will give you membership through the year.
    • Each year or quarter you will have to repay for your union membership benefits

    3.  What if I am a part of A.P.A.G. or another chapter, do I have to pay the I.E.A.U. dues?

    Yes.  No matter what chapter, local, guild or profession you are in within the adult industry unless you have registered with this website and receive your Union Membership ID Card, you are not considered a member of the Union.

    Your union membership here, gives you access to all chapters as well.

    4. What will the money you receive from union dues be used for?

    • Running website cost, lawyer fees to help fight for our rights, and so so so much more!

    5.  Will I be able to audit the financial statements?

    • All union members will be available to view financial statements upon request, there is a $15.00 processing fee per said request.

    6.  What will paying the union membership get me?

     Once your payment has been received:

    • You will receive a receipt from the I.E.A.U. so you may use your dues as a tax write off
    • You will get access to site with in 24 hours 
    • You will receive your membership Union ID card
      • Please, place the photo you would like on your ID in your account profile.  You can do this by clicking on the account button once you receive access to site
    • A membership welcome package
      • Explaining the details of what all we have to offer, for more detail please see the benefits section of website

    8. What if I just want to make a donation?

    • You may also do so using the Pay Dues Online link, on the drop-down list select the donation option
    • All donations are tax deductible, we are a registered 501 C (5) and (3)

    9.  What if I belong to the L.O.W. chapter?  Do I still pay dues to the I.E.A.U.?

    • At the moment, yes
    • All chapters under the I.E.A.U. Including A.P.A.G. is paid through the I.E.A.U. until further notice
    • The dues will be split between the Locals and the Int'l to cover what cost the locals needs as well.

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